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NEW SHOW: 8-5-14 @ The Virgil

August 5th, 2014 THE ECHO AND THE SOUND will be playing at THE VIRGIL, presented by ALL SCENE EYE

"You thought the flagship monthly of All Scene Eye would deliver a lame-o MUSIC SHOW line up? Never! We will plant our flag on the moon made of guitar marshmallows!! Have you seen the BALLERINA BLACK stickers all over the city's face? Well rip em off so you can view them and their friends THE ECHO & THE SOUND. Sexy sexy cascading quarter notes of near-coital non-cacaphony... will lead into MOROSE PROJECT, the thick dripping expert skill and of course OPUS VITAE... an effervescent refreshing mist of astonishment!!" ***NOW SPONSORED BY PBR -- we've got $3 PBRs from 9-10PM **** (plus happy hour drink prices all night) 1145 THE ECHO & THE SOUND 1100 BALLERINA BLACK 1015 MOROSE PROJECT 930 OPUS VITAE free 21+ the virgil 4519 santa monica blvd LA 90029 9pm to 130am tues aug 5

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